Bhuira is a small village with no roads, in the most economically backward district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Recognizing the abundance of fruits available and poor socioeconomic condition of the women, Linnet Mushran set up a small jam factory in the village in the year 2000.

Today its at the brink of becoming a pvt ltd company, and it's run completely by a remarkable group of village women, who until a few years back had never even heard of jams.

Out of a jam follows the inspiring lives of three vibrant and extra ordinary Bhuira women, who in their own individual way are working towards creating change in their community and shaping their common future.


The documentary directed by Shalini Harshwal, is presently being screened at various festivals around the world.

Credits: Shalini Harshwal, Kabir Nagranee, Neha D'cunha, Saloni Harshwal, Sanuree Gomes

© by Shalini Harshwal
All rights reserved