Mumbai city is space starved.
Some may have plush penthouses, but many have no room for intimate conversations.
Our skyline may glitter but our passion is losing sheen.
All this has left the lovers in this city scampering for some alone time.
Which is why I’ve dedicated my rickshaw fabric design to all those harried couples.
Who steal a kiss on the back seat.
Sneak in a hug without the driver noticing.
Cuddle their way into conversations.
Who just let love be.


Rickshaw design for #TaxiFabric


The brilliant initiative is about creating a space for designers to show off their ideas and talent, through the medium of Taxi Fabric.

Taxis & auto rickshaws in India, particularly in Mumbai, are not only the most convenient form of transport but have also become an iconic piece of culture. Although much attention is given to each vehicle by its driver - to make it stand out from his competitors - very little thought is given to the fabric used on the seats. The designs that cover the seats are often functional and forgettable and with the outstanding design talent Mumbai has to offer, this shouldn’t be the case.

I had the opportunity of designing the first Auto Rickshaw for the project. www.taxifabric.org. Being a fan of make-over vehicle shows, I was excited about getting to transform one myself. I wanted to create something that would be a conversation piece for every passenger.

So many a times have we have driven by rickshaws and taxis with couples sneaking hugs and stealing kisses. There had to be one vehicle in the taxi fabric project that was dedicated to all the city lovers. ‘XOXO MUMBAI’ just had to be done. I wanted to showcase the romance in the game. The ceiling is a reflection of this just like the other panels. The backseat is designed like a pair of lips to commemorate all the backseat kisses.


Conceptualization & design: Sanuree Gomes

Photography: Aashim Tyagi, Ameya Kadam

Taxi Fabric